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Based in Castletownbere West Cork, on the gorgeous Beara Peninsula, our farms are provided with shelter from the neighbouring Bere Island while benefiting from the nutrient rich waters of the second deepest natural harbour in the world.

We specialise in the Live Mussel Market, mainly exporting to Europe. Our long-standing relationships with many of our customers is a testament to the quality of the crop we produce.

Our Story

Rodeen Fishfarms was founded in 2002 by local fisherman Richard Murphy. Richard is a third generation fisherman from the locality, growing up fishing for brown crab, lobster, shrimp and scallops. Keeping with tradition, Richards sons soon followed suit and joined the family business. In 2013 Richard and his sons invested in a state of the art mussel boat, The Hannah Mary. This marked a new era for Rodeen Fishfarms and the opportunity to master their craft. 

Today, Richard’s son Dean manages Rodeen Fishfarms and over the last number of years has perfected the crop to the highest standard available on the market. Through trial and error and many lessons learned, the team at Rodeen Fishfarms have mastered a system that utilises the nutrient rich water the harbour has to offer, to produce a clean organic crop that in our opinion is the best Ireland has to offer. Our passion for what we do leads us to work tirelessly on our business, to grow it to its maximum potential. We hope to continue to grow our business into one that the next generation of Murphy’s would be proud to work on one day.


How we farm 

At Rodeen Fishfarms we pride ourselves in all the work we do to our mussels during the growing cycle. It takes between 16 to 20 months for the baby mussels to fully grow. During this period the mussels will have been put through the machines in our boat for grading sorting and re tubing no less than 3 times. This ensures come harvest time every mussel is of uniform size, clean and ready for market. During peak harvesting period we regularly have mussels with meat content of 35% and above.

When harvesting with our boat ‘ The Hannah Mary ‘ we grade and clean according to the customers needs. As the mussels are a live product we harvest last minute even if that means harvesting at night. Our purpose built boat ensures we can work at any hour. We believe all the extra work listed above separates us from the rest and in our eyes is why the mussels at Rodeen Fishfarms are the best Ireland has to offer.

organic mussels farmed using sustainable practices


Our Organic Rope Mussels and farming practices are certified in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/848. This certification assures the organic environment in which our mussels are grown, in addition to managing our process and local efforts to work organically and sustainably for all in our environment. All our farming procedures are committed to sustaining the quality of the waters. We endeavor to assure a minimum waste stream whilst innovating in our uses of new biodegradable materials. Our ropes are reusable. Growing mussels is also a great way to capture carbon, and contribute to a zero-carbon future. Their shells are composites of calcium carbonate and organic material created by the mussels through a process known as biomineralisation.





Rodeen Fishfarms
Droum South
Co. Cork

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